Monday, April 19, 2010

There are many beautiful things out there.

So this weekend I went to the Originals in Ottawa. It's a craft show that is more upscale than some of the others you might go to. There were many beautiful things, make from wood, fabric, silver, gold and many others. The artists were from all over Canada and we are a talented bunch, us Canadians, I tell you.
So, really I was going to scout and see if anyone else was showing polymer clay. I only found one booth that was polymer and she had sculptures. At first glance, they looked like salt dough clay but someone told me it was polymer. I didn't get a chance to talk to the artist because she was busy everytime I went by. I got her card. I can always contact her later. I talked to a few artists about their work, some were very approachable while others didn't look up at you while you eyed their creations. the fine jewelry booths had the appearance of a Mappins store, all white backgrounds and very few pieces on display. Strange for a craft show. Anyway, I went to the website for the next shows and to see how you could get a booth. You need to spend at least 800$ to get an aisle 10 x 5. You really have to sell alot to make up for that. Anyway, it was an experience and the traffic was definetely there. By 11 30 am Sunday morning, you couldn't move in the aisles anymore. I had to leave. I had been, been inspired, and been pushed enough for this time.

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