Monday, March 7, 2011

Life runs away

Well, here I am again. Back at trying the find the time to do it all. A little more reflective today because a long time friend has passed away. I look at her life and what she left behind. Even if while living she wasn't the poster child for happy living, she still has taught me something. Through her misery and anxiety she managed to create beautiful children, who are loving and grateful. Most of all though, I learned that if you are miserable in your life, no amount of money or love will make you happy unless you first want to be. It is so simple really and so difficult at the same time. Maybe that is the curse we received when Adam ate the apple. To not see the paradise we already live in. the apple wasn't cursed. Adam was made blind to how delicious it was. The rest is just patriarchial history.
anyway, polymer clay is a little like that. When it comes in these cubes of color, looks pretty drab but add attention and intention and you can make the world a more beautiful place.

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