Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beads of Courage

Well I finally got it all together but in my defense the sun has been hiding which makes photo taking a little arduous. Nevertheless, I photographed all the lovely beads donated by the Clayamies, Canadian Polymer Clay Guild during the Morrisburg Retreat, a couple of weeks ago (Oh my! Already!). We amassed about 4 lbs (2 kg) of polymer clay beads. I counted and we have 989 beads to donate to this very worthy cause. The original plan was to send them off to a fellow member of PCAGOE so she could send them all together with everyone's donation. After realizing the multitude of beads that I gathered, it was decided that they will be sent directly as a separate donation from the Canadian Guild. It would be silly to pay for shipping twice.
So, to all who donated I thank you  for your generosity. There are some beautiful pieces in the bunch, some of which will make the children receiving the beads very happy. It's a good thing!
I'm including a photo of the beads all laid out. It is quite a sight.


  1. OMG Line You are da BOMB girlfriend! I bow down to you. You are the Beads of Courage Queen! Another bow. I want to bathe in a bathtub with all those beads! (OK, kind of yucky for those getting them afterwards ;) Bow #3. Thank you so much for collecting them and shipping them. Bow #4.

  2. Wow Line, how wonderful that you and the other ladies made so many of these at your retreat! 989!! That is just awesome! :)

  3. Thank you Beth, but the ladies brought the beads, or at least most of them, to the retreat and I gathered them to send them to Beads of Courage. We didn't make them all during the week-end, although some were made during the week-end.
    An update, I found a Canadian chapter of Beads of Courage and will send the beads to them.