Friday, November 30, 2012

Ring you Neck Challenge

Well, I made it! Last minute and all but I'm here. This challenge was a lot of fun. I did a lot of thinking before I sat down to actually make it. First, a little set up. Rikka @ ricochet and away called for participants to a Scarf Challenge blog hop ending today. Yes, I know, I told you I just made it under the wire. Anyway, it sounded like fun! I've sewn alot in the past but have put it aside for other pursuits and want to get back and explore that avenue again.
So, here it is without further ado, my entry in this challenge. I used some leftover silk with a lovely oriental pattern of lovely flowers on a turquoise background. Being a button fanatic, I wanted to showcase the buttons on the fabric. I made these buttons from the palest pink I could mix and stamped with a paisley pattern. I quite like them but then I like most buttons. I think obsessed is a good word for me. I positioned the buttons so the scarf can be tied at different places, either being worn long or double looped around the neck. Turquoise is a nice color for me so I know I'll wear it all winter which seems to have settled in around here.
Thanks Rikka for putting on this challenge and all the camaraderie of the pinterest posts and the forum. I enjoyed it a lot!

Now, I can't wait to go see all the other entries and I think there is a voting section too. Ooh! Fun stuff! Thanks again.


  1. I love it Line! Next to green, turquoise is my next favorite color. The scarf is beautiful, and the buttons are amazing! Your challenge has been met. Congrats!

  2. What gorgeous fabric and I just love the buttons you've made!!! A beautiful scarf.

  3. Nice to meet you.. Stopping from the Scarf challenge.. Following your blog ;) stop by mine when you get time Diya From TheHobbyHarbor.

  4. Line, I love your scarf! It's really elegant, I like the fabric, colors and shape. If I have a scarf like yours, I would use it every day! With me today you have a new follower, what I like about participate in these Challenges is, that apart from discovering new blogs, we make new friends. Marisa.