Tuesday, February 11, 2014

IronCraft Goes to the Olympics!

As I sit in my kitchen, comfy with my cup of tea, I wonder at people's determination to achieve. Ironcraft gave us a challenge to do something inspired by the Olympics. Supporting our athletes, even if it is only in thought, is so easy because each one of them is an inspiration. I think of all the work, determination and sacrifice it took to get to where they are today and I am astounded with awe and inspiration. Not only the young athletes but their parents as well who sacrificed a few sleep-in mornings I'm sure. I wish them all the best of luck no matter the country they are from.
For my little gesture, I made an Olympic bowl. It will be part of my "Bowl a Week" series for this year. All polymer clay, I made rings of the colors of the Olympics. They are sitting on top of each other, both for the stand and for the inside of the bowl. An Olympic flame is burning bright in the center of the rings. It is my small ode to the many athletes and their support systems.
You might be wondering what lesson I have learned from this challenge. I learned more on the construction of bowls and how polymer clay's basic structures all work together. But mostly I learned that inspiration can come from the smallest and unlikeliest of places, from people you don't know to the person who supports you everyday in your own version of the Olympics, your own life!

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