Thursday, April 3, 2014

Inspired by ArtBead Scene!

Just saw the Degas that is the inspiration for this month's ArtBead Scene Challenge. Just love his work and I have just the piece that fits in the colors I see. The focal round stone is a Chrysocolla and its healing powers are all about expression, empowerment and teaching. Something I can use more of any day of the week. The dragon is a protector and the gold quilted beads are my own polymer beads. I love the feel of this piece when I wear it. Could it be I'm feeling the healing properties of the chrysocolla?
P.S. Did you notice the shadow of the dragon, isn't that cool?


  1. That is a very cool necklace! I love the Chrysocolla, such a beautiful stone! Your accents of gold are lovely with it, and the dragon (and his shadow) are indeed cool!

    1. Thanks Beth! That stone represents what I need all the time. lol And I noticed the shadow after I took the photo. Serendipity!