Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ironcraft Gets Bowled Over!

This challenge is all about the "B". Either what we made or the technique we used started with the letter B. Well, it took me seconds to go the word "bowls". I don't think anyone is surprised!
This bowl was created on a glass bowl I found at the thrift store. I loved the texture I could get from the bottom of the bowl. It was all sculpted and reminded me of all those sun fish we used to catch when I was young. We didn't keep the sun fish. they didn't have enough meat on them to bother cleaning them. Well, at least that was what my grand-father used to tell us. But they were beautiful!
Using a skinner blend technique of melding the polymer clay colors, I draped the clay over the bowl, pressed it in so the texture would be picked up and baked it. Once cooled I used Lumiere Paints to highlight the scales. I rather like it!
The lessons I always learn from these challenges came from an entirely different source this time. The funny thing is that while I was finishing the piece I noticed that there were some markings on the tail that I hadn't noticed before. They are sculpted into the design and they say, Arcoroc, France. Turns out that the bowl was made in the mid 60's and is now being traded on ebay and the such as an antique. It is amazing what you can find at a thrift store. The Arcoroc Company have been making glassware since 1825. I think it is going to me a great mold for more bowls. Anyone have any suggestions as so the color or designs I can use?

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