Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ironcraft is Embellished!

This Ironcraft challenge was about embellishing something and I thought of adding bling to something. Bling is, however, not really my style and I wasn't getting very excited about that. I like to make things that I will use and I love to find new uses for old things. I was looking at some bracelets at a local craft show and it got my ideas flowing to make some. I have made lots of bracelets and they have always been my favorite adornment to wear. And I've been sewing and quilting up a storm so I've got all these bits of fabric everywhere. I was cleaning up some remnants left over from a up-cycling project. I used an old Gap jean shirt to make a journal cover and I noticed the rolled hem of the bottom of the shirt. And inspiration hit me! What if I used that to make bracelets? Would they be sturdy enough?
Well, they are. I think they make the cutest friendship bracelets. I used some buttons from my eternal stash and added some ribbon for the closure. I painted one, braided another, embellished as best I could with the tools I had on hand. They are quite sturdy and the button closure with the ribbon is an easy way to put them on and take them off.
Not to toot my own horn but sometimes I think I am such a clever girl. Using the hems of shirts to make friendship bracelets, inspirational indeed. I gave them to my daughter so she could test drive them. She was all for it. I know I'll make more because I up-cycle old shirts all the time. I'm thinking of using plaid shirts or braiding coordinating colors together. These bracelets take minimal sewing and I've found something to keep my hands busy while I watch TV at night. You know, instead of eating chips!

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