Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ironcraft Says the Letter D

This Ironcraft challenge was to let ourselves inspired by the letter D. I chose to make a Dresden Flower from a quilting pattern I tried. It turned out quite well, I'm pleased. The construction time though was wrought with doubt at the outcome. The principle is fairly straightforward. You cut 12 shapes that resemble a wonky rectangle. You fold them in half and sew the top. When you press them open they make the flower petal shape. Sew the 12 together and you have a flower. The stem and center are appliqued.
My self proclaimed project of learning how to quilt has shown me the core issue in successful quilting. It's all about the math. I know I was surprised when I figured that out!
Quilting is about cutting larger pieces of fabric to sew them back together to make a pattern or a design. The precision in the cutting and the sewing makes the difference between patterns being aligned or not. With time I will be able to easily tell between a 1/4" and a scant 1/4". At least I hope so. In the meantime I'll give myself easy, beginner projects to give my brain time to sort out all the details. The learning curve will give me ample time to appreciate the work by the experts and to work up the pride I will feel when my points finally match!


  1. Oh my gosh yes! You are spot on about quilting and the math and precision.

  2. It sure has me paying more attention to cutting and my 1/4" seams! lol