Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ironcraft Says: "This is Faux? No!"

When I saw the theme for this challenge I was very glad. Doing faux with polymer clay is as natural as knitting with wool. Polymer clay lends itself to so many techniques that making it look like something else is one of the first things that attracted me to the medium. The piece I chose is a bit of conundrum though. We all know that the tools do not make the artist. I cannot blame the clay for this one.
I set out to make faux leather. I've done it before and it turned out very well. I chose this bronze colored clay and made this bowl. I tore the edges to resemble torn leather. This was the same technique I've used lots before. Now this particular technique is baked first and then assembled. After I assembled the pieces together I stepped back to what in mind should look like torn leather strips. Well, it doesn't look like any leather I've ever seen. It has more of a metal sheen, some very new and shiny copper.
This is another lesson on never assuming that things always work out the same even if you do the same thing. The last time I had used different colors and the bronze color has been changed by the Premo company. Either way, it's a cool looking bowl. I'll let you try to guess what it looks like. I'm going back to the drawing board. lol


  1. To me the edges looks a little like bark and the center like varnished wood, so I thought perhaps you were doing a faux wood.

  2. You are right, Kat. It does look like wood now that you mention it. I love polymer clay, there is always a surprise somewhere. lol