Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ironcraft is Going to the Fair!

This is definitely time for fairs. Up here, there are everywhere, every weekend. I just love them! I love the sounds, the colors and the various activities going on. When looking at the list of categories, I stopped at the dolls because I just finished a doll that I think would blow away the competition or at least get a few judges scratching their heads wondering where this one came from. lol
Her name is Queen and she is part of an online doll-making course I've been taking. Her body, arms and head are made of wire. Her face is sculpted polymer and her dress is an experiment I call polymerized fabric.
I love sculpting faces and see the expressions they have when I'm done. I know I should work of controlling the expressions with a turned up cheek and smile, frowning brows and such. I so enjoy letting the clay decide what it will look like and the comment it will make on the world using only an expression. Do you have a crafted item that you never know what it will look like before it's done? I love those the best and the freedom it gives.


  1. Such an interesting technique. It really takes her from doll to sculpture.

  2. Thank you Kat! It was my first attempt at using the wire to make the body as well as using my "polymerized" fabric. She speaks well for future projects.