Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ironcraft Celebrates 5 Years

In this part of the world, winter arrived late but it is here with a vengeance. As much as I'd like to tell you I love winter and all its activities I can't. I spend most of the winter months indoors dreaming of warm breezes and flowers and all their colors. For the first Ironcraft challenge, we were asked to do something in either wood, silverware or daisies as they are the traditional gift for a 5th anniversary. Ironcraft is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Congratulations, Kat! Well done!
I opted for daisies because I love them as a flower and they are within my reach in my applique skills. So I made a striped background onto a "rolling hills" design and then appliqued the daisies on them. I made some buttons for the centers. It looks cute. Making it into a bucket bag was also a challenge as I realize that my corner work needs a little practice.
What are your favorite things or shapes to applique? I love doing hearts too but sometimes have a hard time with the rounded angles.


  1. Yes, they are. I used to be better at it. It's not like riding a bicycle, you do forget. More practice.