Thursday, April 28, 2016

Downton Inspired!

I wanted to show off my Downton Inspired Hat Ladies. I made them for our Morrisburg Polymer Clay Gathering and I thought they turned out very well. The impetus for these ladies was to develop a demo using the Fimo Sculpting Clay that was sent to us for our retreat. Fimo graciously sent us each a starter pack with mold and I wanted to show off what you could make with them. I made a couple of other sculptures with the kit but these ladies were closest to my heart.
These ladies became very precious to me and I gave some away to people in the workshop.  I kept a couple though. Have you ever had a project that when complete it became very hard to part with?


  1. Such a fun idea... the ladies of Downton! And yes, I've made some things that were tough to part with too, but in the end, knowing that those things bring joy to others is pleasing to me! ;)

  2. I still have a couple of them here and they make me smile when I look at them. Hope those who got one feel the same.