Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ironcraft Wants Memories.

This challenge is about memories. I chose to show a latest wall piece that was inspired by the view I had from my kitchen window when I first moved into my present home, 15 years ago. Living in a small village means that from anywhere you can see the church. Our church had squatters when we moved in to the neighborhood. A couple of black crows had a huge nest on one of the ledges. The nest was at least 4' x 4'. The couple lived there for about 8 years before they disappeared. I watched them grow and have babies. You could see them teaching their young ones to fly and hunt. It was pretty amazing. In that last year, the crows have become very big, standing about 2 1/2 ' high.
Crows are sometimes seen as creepy and scary and I admit to being a little nervous when I would see them in my backyard. But after seeing them daily and watching them live and raise their young for so long, they had become the village mascots.
This piece is polymer clay on a wooden canvas. I had fun making this one. The kids got creeped out. They don't remember the crows like I do, they were doing growing of their own.

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