Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Fairies Are Waiting for Spring!

And so are we! This PCAGOE Challenge was to cover something. Now, I'll cover anything I can bake and then some with polymer clay so this was a wide open subject. I wanted to choose something I don't usually make. Change things up a bit. I'd seen these fabulous fairy houses on pinterest and wanted to give it a try.
With the holidays being over, I had washed up an empty bottle of Grand Marnier. That is my favorite liquor to put on grapefruit. One or two tablespoons on half of a cut up grapefruit, warmed up in the microwave for 45 seconds and voila! You have the beginnings of a beautiful day off at home so you can play with all the toys you got at Christmas. lol
I knew the shape would be wonderful for a fairy house. I went to work starting with the red stone and then cutting out the windows. I knew the fairies would be anxious to get out from winter soon so I added a door. Each window has it's own fairy peeking out waiting for spring to come. Now, fairies who have hibernated all winter don't look pixie dust fresh yet. They need a good rain for that and unfortunately the weather here has not been warm enough for that so they sit by their windows waiting. I'm sure it will come soon and so will they. The chimney comes off so the rain can come in and they can get the inside of the house clean too.
This house was a lot of fun to make. I love sculpting faces because I never who will look out at me until the face is complete. Now, these fairies have had a long wait but I'm sure that with a little rain and a lot of pixie dust, they will be just fine. Fairy tales are safe with this bunch.
Now, hopefully neither of us, me or the fairies will have to wait much longer. I'm starting to think I could use a little pixie dust myself. Happy Spring!


  1. Beautifully done, and I absolutely love your story too!

  2. Thank you Beth! They are patient but today my hyacinths peeked through the ground. Yipee!