Wednesday, April 22, 2015

With the Help From My Friends

I'm off to our long awaited Polymer Clay Morrisburg Gathering tomorrow. We are in for a fun 4 days of claying and laughing. I can never remember how many years this gathering has been happening. It will be my 4th. It will also be our 2nd year at joining the event along with a fundraiser for . We have lots of great prizes from all over and I promise to take photos of them all and post them when I get back. I can, however, post those donations who came to my house before the retreat. The ones in the photo below come from my fellow PCAGOE members. I thank those who took the time to share their works of Art. This will enable us to share the wealth with others who need it most.
From the top left, going clockwise, we have a filigree bird ornament from Beth Petricoin of The beautiful green cuff is from Susan O'Neill of The magazines of from Sage Bray of And last but not least is the cool Bib necklace from Betsy Strebe of I, for one, am bringing extra cash for this silent auction type of fundraiser. It's lots of fun, your chances of winning are pretty good. And the money goes directly to the organization and the girls who need it. Thank you fellow PCAGOE members, you guys rock!

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