Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Challenge By Any Other Name

This month's challenge for the PCAGOE was creating a texture plate and making something from the plate. I thought this would be easy. How humbling these challenges are to me. Every time I think it will be easy and every time I find myself in front of my limitations and asked to push beyond them.
I use texture all the time but creating a texture sheet is something I have very little experience with. n I was racking my brain trying to choose what I should make from the said sheet before I had made the sheet."Make the texture sheet then the creation will come." I read that comment in our forum from a fellow member and realized I was going about it all wrong. Then I saw Lisa Rapp's piece and a light went on. I'll let her explain how she made her piece but I took the idea and went another way. Thank you so much for the inspiration Lisa.
Creating a mokume gane stack of color I pressed my sculptural textured sheet into the clay then started slicing off the top until I liked what I saw. For the flower sheet I used extruded triangle shape clay to build my design. I figured that the point of the triangle would make a deep impression into my stack of colours. I was pleased with the results. I chose a simple design for my first try but I might try it again with something more intricate. The finished piece makes a great design for a greeting card. My sister's birthday is coming up. I already have her card all done. Hope she likes it.
Let me know what you think of my card and your experiences if ever you have tried to put the cart before the horse.


  1. I love your card, what a great idea! Fun design of your texture plate too!

    1. Thanks Beth! I've made another one of a face and rainbow colors. I like them on a card.