Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Woman Can Never Have Too Many Rings

The PCAGOE challenge for this month is 'rings'. So, I set out to make the most beautiful ring ever. After many attempts I realize that my imagination far outdoes my talents. I had a lot of fun making the various kinds of rings I came up with. I made some entirely out of clay while others have a metal base more familiar to us. I sculpted some. Then I sculpted more. It is very addictive really.
I can't really say that any of them are 'the most beautiful ring ever'. I'm just glad for what I learned and I lift my hat to those who make exquisite pieces of Art starting with the same materials that I have. I think it would make a great focus for a series exercise. Someone has already done a Ring a week or a Ring a Day. I leave that for others right now.
I do, of course, have a favorite, well maybe, favorites. In the end a girl has got to choose and I go for the art deco-ish and bright colors. Which one of the 14 is your favorite? Or have you ever started making a project and found yourself unable to stop?


  1. We are two birds of a feather (maybe that's us in the birds nest)! ;) I'm glad you had as much fun with this addictive challenge theme as I did! Your results are all so fun! I think I choose the mod one that you chose for the challenge entry as my favorite too, but I also like the flirty spinner-type ones and the one that looks like a sea creature (or grass)... such fun!

    1. I think of it as great minds think alike. I think quite a few of us during this challenge let our imaginations dictate. I had a difficult time choosing my favorite and in the end I usually go for the ring that will remind the most of the Bulgari ads in Vogue magazine from the 70's. They were the stuff of my teenage dreams. How silly that was when I think about it now but it still makes me dreamy to see this kind of jewelry.