Friday, March 25, 2016

It's Flower Power!

This month's PCAGOE challenge is Flowers. I'm not much into the flowery type of things. I love my flowers real and in my garden. However, I was inspired to bring a little of the garden that is about to pop up outside my window. We still have snow but the hyacinths are peeking through and that makes me happy. My favorite flower is the tulip. I like the shape and after having visited the Butchard Gardens in Victoria BC in May, I fell completely in love with all the variations possible.
I've been working on wall art this year so I chose to make a tulip as a wall piece. And I must admit that the idea in my head is very close to what I actually produced. I really like this piece. I could pretend that my pieces always turn out the way I plan but that would not be true. Mostly, I propose an idea and my hands and the clay have other ideas. I'm usually happy with what I make but it's rarely like my original idea. This time is different.
My Spring Tulip is built on a wood frame and covered with marbled greens. I then sculpted the flower on top. Let me know what you think. Do your pieces usually end up the way you first envision them? Or does the clay or the painting have a mind of its own?


  1. Wow Line!!! I love this, it's great, the colors are beautiful, and the whole overall piece is a winner all the way! Super duper. :)

  2. So beautiful Line, the tulip is gorgeous and the background is perfect. And yes Butchard Gardens is magical!

  3. Oh, Line, I absolutely LOVE this! It's tough to choose for certain, but I think this might be my new favorite piece frm you. I just love everything about it! Bravo, my friend! ..and no, my ideas don't always turn out as envisioned either, that's part of the fun of it! ;)

  4. Thank you so much ladies! I've since made more. I really like them.