Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Caricature in Polymer

This month's PCAGOE challenge is Quilling. I had never done any of it so this was a challenge for sure. Once I got started, I didn't want to stop. I love it, I love the results you can get and you can be sure that quilling will be in other pieces I make. My favorite of the 3 that I made before time ran out is this one. It was inspired a ceramic artist named Anastasaki I love the work. The one that caught my eye was a portrait of a 20's couple. The way bold lines are used to define the features just seemed to be made for the quilling I had in mind.
I used my husband and I as the subject matter, adding the purple hair for me. I had purple hair last summer and I miss it terribly so I figured I could at least immortalize it in a piece. It is built on a wooden canvas. I am sure it will be the conversation starter for some time to come.
Have you ever taken something up, that you never thought of before, and just made it work, right away? Like it was waiting for you all this time. I'd love to hear about it.


  1. It's AWESOME!! I love it a lot!

  2. Fun piece, Line! And I love the artist who inspired you, too! Thanks for introducing me... I'm glad you had fun with the quilled technique and I look forward to seeing more of your explorations with it! As for taking up something never thought of before and making it work straight-away, I'm sure there's been a couple things that worked like that... most artistic mediums have worked that way for me.

    1. Thanks Beth! I really love the possibilities this techniques gives me. Another example to show that polymer clay is as versatile as it gets.