Saturday, June 25, 2016

Music is the Language of Love

This month's PCAGOE challenge is music and that gives us so many possibilities for interpretation. I have focused on wall art for 2016 and I decided to make a piece on a wooden canvas. It is primarily polymer clay except for the canvas.
This time of year my yard is filled with birds of every color doing their thing. They sing beautiful music to each other in the name of love. I chose the gold finch which is common bird in this area. They come up north to sing their hearts away to entice the female to breed. They love to thistle and milk weed which is something we have plenty of.



  1. Such a sweet piece, Line! I love all the textures in the bird feathers and the dimensionality of the thistle!

  2. Thank you Beth! I had fun making the thistle. Studied a few photos to try and get it right.