Monday, July 25, 2016

Ocean Finds

This PCAGOE is about the ocean. I haven't laid on the ocean in a few years and have to make due with rivers and lakes. I still get out close to the water as often as I can and go through the sand to find little treasures. I made this brooch with beads that are ocean or water related. There are those shell beads that have been dyed pink, the polished rocks, the granite, the marble and the sea glass. Those have been encrusted into pink clay which in turn wrapped in more clay.
I love all the pinks and imagine it washing up on shore, remnants of long gone head wear lost at sea. On the ocean floor a queen's crown is missing its biggest jewel. I like imagining stories like these for some of the things that I make or that I find. Where would you situate this brooch?


  1. A lovely piece Line, with a lovely story! I could see this as the perfect accent to a simple hat, just adding a touch of glitz. :)

  2. Thanks Beth. It would look great on a hat.