Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bienvenue Spring!

I've been incognito for a couple of months and I blame winter. This is my fallow season where going outside, somewhere, is usually more trouble than it's worth. That feeling is reflected in many aspects of my life and online is part of it. The winter is almost over and I feel energy and purpose coming back into my bones.
Since I missed the last few challenges I combined them into one piece. December's PCAGOE challenge was "outdoor pieces" and February's challenge is "houses" so I built a bird house that will hang outside the door to my home. I wanted something that would hang flat up against the wall and I wanted to work on the polymer clay's ability to mimic other materials.
Using a "brick" painted wood canvas, I built a bird house from "metal sheet with rivets" and "metal roofing". I am inspired by artists who build bird houses from leftover materials. I attached the word "Bienvenue" because I love company and I want my guests to feel welcomed. I debated whether to leave out the bird. It could have welcomed a swallow or a robin. But then I thought of the impracticality of having a bird nesting so close to my entrance and decided to build my own bird.
I'd love to hear about your "fallow" time and if you lay low for a while too. I am so glad that winter is on its last legs and am eagerly awaiting the swallows and the robins.

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