Sunday, June 13, 2010

Finally figured it out!

Well, I'm pretty proud of myself. I figured out how to make a slideshow on my blog. it wasn't that hard but it took the time to figure it out. So, now my schedule will be different for the next couple of months so it will be hit and miss. I still have all these projects in the making but will have to run loops around my obligations to get them done. I have a couple orders for my turtle-lady, quite proud of that. And I want an inventory for the fall. I'm discovering wire working as well. that should be fun. Oh, I long to just clay but you know we all have to eat at some time. Anyway, if anyone is listening, check out my gallery. I'll include all my new creations, both jewelry and sculpted. I'm so thankful for all this in my life. I can escape and create, been waiting all my life for that.

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