Thursday, May 5, 2011

Well here goes anyway.

So, what's up? Well I finished my tree dragon yesterday. I still have to name him but he's beautiful. I'd add a photo but I'm not sure how. Actually, the blogging experience so far has been frustrating at best. I want to post in my section of Book Reviews and I don't know how. I've asked to help from blogger and don't get anywhere. I need to spend the time to figure this out but I have so little of that. I'm a little discouraged today about this social networking thing. People make it sound like its easy and great. Well, it's easy if you already know what to do and eventually, I'll probably tell others that its easy but right now I don't feel that way. So enough whinning.
My work is coming along great although I was looking at my dragon series and I am puzzled. I am making 4 dragons, each to represent the 4 elements in the feng shui teachings, Fire, water, wood and metal. I am imagining the 4th as we speak. What has puzzled me though is that the 3 I have sculpted don't look like they come from the same person. the heads are very different, the finishes. I know I am supposed to develop a style, a signature so people recognize my work but this hasn't come yet. Oh, well, it will eventually right. Now if I could only figure out this networking stuff so others could be reading my posts and get some objective input, then that would be great.

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