Monday, January 2, 2012

Time for Rest and Cleaning Up!

The holidays are over, well almost. When I was growing up we still had one more meal/party to do which was the 6th of January which is when the Kings supposedly followed the star to Jesus. So, we still are in the xmas mode somewhat. In my family, we have NewYear's stockings, instead of at xmas, so we opened them yesterday. Considering that I mostly fill mine, I got some pretty good stuff. My Johnny Depp collection is up to 32 movies now. Those were from my husband.
So, now to the new year ahead. I look around me and see the progress I've made, in my life and my art. I am so thankful for all that I have. Mostly, for today anyway, I am grateful at having found a way, a medium to express myself. I have waited most of my life to show this side of me. It just wasn't ever expected of me to be artistic. I was the brainy, down-to-earth, practical gal. Ooh, that was so off the mark. I'll keep the brainy but the rest will take a vacation, maybe never to return. Do I have plans with this newly acquired freedom? You bet, and you will know what they are as soon as I do. The possibilities are limited by my imagination and my pocket book. The first is very large and the second not so much. Oh, well, that is what it is.
To all who are listening and to those who aren't I wish you a great year. May this year be full of happy times, fulfilling work and healthy days.
This photo is my new nativitiy scene. The kings must find Jesus when they get here!

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