Friday, December 16, 2011

My shows are finally over!

Yes, my show season is over. I did 7 weeks of it and I'm done for this year. Was it worth it? Don't really know. I met some nice people, made a little money, a few contacts. So, I guess yes it was worth it. I learned that locally I sell better than in a bigger city. That having a niche or a catch is great for sales. I've also learned to read a crowd to see how people will respond to my pieces. I've also learned that having a non-jewelry item on your table is the difference between making at least your table costs back or not. So, to all who are listening and to those who can't hear me, have the merriest of Christmas and the best of the new year. We just keep on going and remember that when the muse comes calling, she better find you working. I love this photo because I love the expression of the Santa.

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