Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ooh! It's been 2 weeks!

My time flies when you're having fun. Yeah! ok, well some times it's fun and other times not so much. I've finally cleaned my work areas up, somewhat! I can see surfaces and floors, that is a great start. I have been working a little, still not enough for all I want to get done.
That is the thing about me, my imagination comes up with projects and ideas at a rate much faster then my time constraints can keep up. Not a problem you say, well when I finally have time, my aging brain has forgotten what the brilliant idea was! I know I should write them down and believe it that is also one of my great ideas, to figure out a system to help me record these ideas so they don't get lost in the outerspace of my monkey brain. No small task as anyone who can follow a thought for more than 5 minutes knows.
Anyway, I'm still here and I have been working, so here is a photo of my Spring goddess and then a link to go vote for her, (tongue in cheek, you can vote for whoever you want). As a member of the PCAGOE, we get to make pieces and then enter them into a challenge every month. Earlier this year I promised I'd have an entry in every month, so bear with me and please be kind.

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