Sunday, April 1, 2012

I've been neglecting this blog

Life has been getting in the way of my finding my way for a little quiet reflection at this blog. I have to admit that finding quiet reflection time is mostly made up of stolen moments. So, I vow again to find more time for my thoughts and myself.
On another note, I've joined a button swap organized by Cindy Wimmer and my partner is Teri Baskett. Can't wait to meet her. So stay tuned for pics of my buttons and her buttons and all kinds of buttons.
I remember sifting and sorting my great aunt Bea's buttons jars. She was a seamstress and had jars and jars of buttons. I loved the sounds they'd make and the colors and shapes. She'd tell me stories of the people who would wear the clothes that belonged to her repurposed buttons. I'd imagine long lost loves and soldiers and such. That is what I remember when I go to my own jars of buttons. It makes me feel small and safe and secure.
In the meantime, this pic of what I've been working on alot lately and that is covering glass nail files. My files got a good reception at a craft this week-end.

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  1. Line I can see why the files sold well, they are lovely. I'm your button swap partner; you can email me:

    terifone [at]

    Let me know what type(s) of buttons you might like/prefer--size, colors, etc.