Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Sanding Christmas Present, Part 1

Good morning everyone,
Hope the frenzy of getting ready for Christmas is past and you have time to relax and enjoy all the moments you have been working so hard to prepare. I have a humble gift for all interested. At this point, you might think that I should have posted this earlier (just wait and see what it is first). Like all of you, I've been too busy to do a blog post and I've been testing it anyway.
Now, if any of you are like me, I just hate sanding, my arms get sore, my shoulder eventually screams at me to stop and it it so boring! There I've said it! I don't much like sanding. So, ever the person who would shorten the time spent on unpleasant tasks, I have come up with an easier way to sand my polymer clay surfaces. It is quite simple and saves me time and energy because this way it takes me 1/4 of the time than it did with using just the sand paper on my beads, buttons and flat surfaces.
First, go buy some of those drywall sanding foam blocks at the dollar store or hardware store. Then get your sheets of sanding paper in the grit you use. You need a good glue. I eventually used Gorilla Waterproof Wood Glue. I tried quite a few and none would keep the sandpaper on the pad when I immersed in the water. The trick I figured out is not to immerse the pad in the water. I wet the piece I want to sand instead of wetting the sandpaper and pad. It works fine, keeps the polymer particles still in the wetted pad and not in the air. I rinsed off the pad when it gets too gunked up. So now, you have all your supplies, we'll put it together.

Measure and cut out the sandpaper in the shape and dimension of the pad.
Now, you have a pad, 2 sheets of sandpaper of the grit of your choice. I used a 400 grit and a 220 grit for my beginning stage. I don't use the 220 unless something has big bits of stuff I don't want. Don't you love all my technical terms. lol
Stay tuned for the next post where I show you how to put it all together.

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