Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Sanding Christmas Present, Part 2

Ok,  so now add the glue to one side of the pad and apply one sheet of sandpaper, repeat with the other sheet of sandpaper on the other side. Be careful to remember which grit goes on which side of the pad. You can use a permanent marker to indicate on the top of the pad, the grit number so you know which one is which when you use it.

You can spread the glue all over the surface,especially at the corners and ends of the pad. This prevents air pockets on the pad surface which will cause premature tears in your sandpaper when you go and use it.

Cover the pad with a plastic sheet. This will prevent the glue from adhering to anything else but the pad while it dries. Put a heavy book or item on top of the covered pad while it dries to keep the sandpaper and pad in constant contact during the drying process. I used my Timetables of History which is a really neat book for quick historical information and quite heavy so it does the trick. The drying length depends on the glue you used. The Gorilla glue asks for 24 hours drying time, so I leave it overnight and it works great.
Now, you can do this for all the grits you want to use. I indicate on the top of the pad which side has which grit. I've been using these for months now. The sandpaper got really wore off on the 400 grit because that is the one I use the most. I applied another sheet of 400 grit sandpaper over the one that was already on there, using the same method, and it was good to go.
This little trick has saved my arms and shoulders and my sanity from alot of trouble. I hope you like it. Try it in the new year and let me know if it works for you. Now, this is not very handy for the sanding of intricate pieces but works great on flat surfaces. When sanding crochet hooks, it use to take me 15-20 minute for each grit and my fingers and hands were all cramped up. Now, 3-4 minutes and I'm done and my hands are not screaming. I love it!
Merry Christmas everyone and a wonderful new year!


  1. Thanks Line! Great idea! The simplest ones are always the best!

  2. Great idea Line! I too hate sanding! ;) ...will have to give this a try, thanks for sharing!