Thursday, January 31, 2013

Orange You Glad For Iron Craft

January just whizzed by me.  Even if I find January a bit difficult I'm always sad to see it end because for me it's a time of doing nothing. A time of rest and zoning out after all the constant activity of the preceding months. But alas, time waits for no one!
Already the last day of the month and time to post the latest challenge. Today I'm sharing my project for the Iron Craft Challenge #2 which is Orange, the Color or the Fruit. I love the themes so far, they are very flexible in the interpretation so you can really let your imagination go where ever you want with them.
Orange being my favorite color of all my imagination gravitated to its many shades. I went searching for inspiration and it came in the guise of a yoga class. I had sculpted this pendant for the third chakra and someone commented on how nice it was.

I decided to try my hand at making the same design with my sewing machine. First time for everything, right!
I chose some fabrics with different shades of orange and opted for a cloth bracelet. I have admired cloth cuffs in magazines. Making one myself is also another first. On the back of the fabric, I traced the design of the 10 petals yantra called manipura. Its focus is personal power, self-esteem and strength of will.
I followed the design with my sewing machine. The results are pleasing although I know that practice will make it much better. I then added different shapes using other fabric with different shades of orange. I sewed in some glass seed beads along the pattern of the main fabric. The center button is my own faux jade of the OM sign, the first original sound and opening and closing mantra for all my yoga practices. I then added more orange beads because, well, you never have too many of those and voila!

My first cloth bracelet, yoga inspired and orange. Now, aren't you glad I didn't say banana!