Thursday, February 14, 2013

Iron Craft for the Heart

The Ironcraft Challenge is living up to its name. This theme was a particular challenge for me. We had to include a heart and/or flowers in our creation. I'm not really a hearts and flowers kind of gal so I tried different ideas and projects without much success. They were good, construction wise but they lacked my enthusiasm at the finished project.
In my own artistic focus I've been practising making faces and heads. I just thought it would be fun for my upcoming healing dolls course with Barb Kobe. So, I've been making a head a day for a couple of weeks now. Then it hit me!
I'll make a head in the shape of a heart. So I sculpted It, which turned into a He very quickly, then being he was soooo red, I had to give him horns. Not any old horns, I used rubies chips don't you know. My little devil was born, kinda fitting for Valentine's day.

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  1. I'm so glad you are finding Iron Craft challenging yet still sticking to it! I think we have such a great group this year.