Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And the nominees are!

This Ironcraft Challenge has proven true to its name once again. When we received the theme for this # 4 challenge I thought I had lots of time. We had to base our creation on a favorite movie or tv show. How hard could that be?
Well, the thing about entering challenges, at least for me, is that the lessons learned are not always about techniques or colors. I couldn't make up my mind! I would choose one thing then jump to another. Honestly, I have many started and unfinished projects for this one, in various stages of the process. I did finally choose to make my version of "Rose's Bag" from the movie Titanic. The thing is though I chose this project 2 days before the deadline. Then life got in the way, the way life does. What I also forgot was the time it took to make the actual bag. Rose's Bag is a small bucket style bag made of velour and satin. It has small sewn beads on the bag in a swirly design which is simple and elegant.
I now have tremendous respect for artists who sew seed beads onto clothes. Check out the photo below, I still have to sew the major part of my design on the cloth and have already spent 3 1/2 hours sewing the ones that are there.

I could just concede defeat but I'd like to think of it as down but not out. I will finish the bag and post at another time. The lessons learned though are more important.
1-Be prepared to organise your time and projects in a manner that will fulfill your promises.
2-Never wait until 2 days before to finally make up your mind.
3-And last but not least, admitting your shortcomings and challenges is better for you than staying up all night to finish the project. Took me many years of staying up all night to finally admit that.

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  1. You are brave picking something like this with two days left! I was going to try to do Hermonie's beaded bag from Harry Potter, but decided there was no way I was going to get that much beading done!