Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ironcraft goes green!

Again, the Ironcraft Challenges are living up to their name. This time, though, I'm in early. Challenge #5 is Green, either the color or the message. I chose both and I used the unfinished project from the last challenge to tie it all up. There is a part of me that's shouting "Cheater" and then another part of me that is lifting an eyebrow with an expression of "Be quiet in the peanut gallery!"
In the last challenge, I had chosen something that took way too long to do with the time I had given myself to do it. This challenge I chose to finish that project with the guidelines given.
My Rose's Bag from the movie Titanic is green (the message) because I used my daughter's old velour top to cut the outside fabric of the bag. She's outgrown it and the top belonged to another time frame in little girl's fashion. The lining I found in my fabric stash, a lovely gold with chinese markings much like was the fashion during the time set of the movie.
It just happened to green (the color) which I thought was a message from above that what I was doing was OK. I calculated that it took about 8 hours of sewing beads on the front of the bag and on the handle. The closure button is my own creation. I just love making buttons. This one just fit perfectly.
Once again I want to thank Kat for putting on the Ironcraft Challenges. I am learning so much. I've learned that I can design a bag without a pattern. I also have learned to be in total awe at the patience bead sewers have to make the beautiful things they do and that it is not something I'm all that good at. I've learned a bit more about the era of the Titanic movie and what the women used for bags, what was chic for them. I could go on and am so grateful for all these lessons but mostly I'm grateful that I can now say "Be quiet!" to that voice in my head that tells me I shouldn't do this or not that way. I've learned to trust my own voice just a little more.

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  1. Technically, we'd love everyone to do a new project every two weeks, but we also realize this is real life & sometimes you just need to finish something. Really, as far as I'm concerned Iron Craft is really about challenging yourself to find time to be creative & you've definitely done that!