Friday, March 29, 2013

Fancy Feet Take Me To The Beach!

I have to say that March has just whizzed by and even if we still have way too much snow on the ground, spring is in the air. I start dreaming of gardening and flowers blooming and the summer ahead. So for Rikka's Fancy Feet Challenge I decided to make myself a beach bag. I had this lovely vinyl, kinda oilcloth fabric and decided to use my Teflon foot. I had bought the foot a while back but had never really tried it.
A Teflon foot is the same as a regular sewing machine foot but it has a Teflon backing so that vinyl-like fabric don't stick to the metal as you are sewing. I have to say it works great! I had tried to sew vinyl with a regular foot and it was a nightmare. It would stick and the fabric would bunch up. Yuck! With this Teflon foot, it was a breeze!
So the pattern is mine. I designed the bag thinking of what I'd like in a bag once the hot weather rolled around. I wanted room for towels, books and snacks. I wanted compartments for phones and wallets. I hate rooting for those things in over sized bags. I wanted a strap long enough to drape over my shoulder. Oh! And an outside pockets for car keys and water bottle. So I made my sketches and then decided what had to be done first, wrote it all down.
It worked! (I am always a little surprised I can pull this off! lol) I love my bag and the fabric has such cool colors for the summer.
I even sewn the sides with the WS together so as to have the edges sticking out and the insides all neat. I added binding to the sides finishing them quite neatly. This idea was inspired by this blogger who did a whole series on making bags. Great stuff. The bottom photo shows the inside pocket that runs the length of the bag. I'm proud of this creation. It'll be useful and pretty. I learned something about binding along the way. The wider the binding the easier it is to sew on the edge. I can't wait to try it at the beach!


  1. You've done a fabulous job designing your bag! I agree totally about the pockets. You can't have too many and I always lose small things in a large bag that doesn't have pockets.

  2. Great !! I did not know about the teflon foot .. I used my gathering foot for the challenge.. My project for the contest is here