Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ironcraft goes to the Iron Curtain!

Well, that expression doesn't really apply anymore so I'm showing my age but hey! I've always been fascinated by Russia, took up the language in university. It is one of my dream trips that I aspire to undertake. So, when the challenge said chose another country's craft for inspiration I went to Russia for their latest designs in handbags. Yes, I'm teaching myself to make handbags so I lean toward that kind of craft.
So, I chose a design called the Russian Rose. The one I saw was a quilted design which attracted the inspiring quilter in me so I went for it.
 I used a vintage style bag idea from my many books and designed my own version. I chose a black and white leopard print cotton fabric. The print choice was for my Mom. She loves animal prints and use to wear them alot. The bag is a gift for Mother's Day. It's the perfect size for when she goes to church or for her weekly shopping trips.
I examined the photo and thought that if I cut triangles of various sizes, I could sew them around a rushed circle. Well it worked! Then I added pockets to the lining and sew the bag together. What is different in this bag that I really like is the handle. It's part wristlet, part handbag. The handle fits in your hand and loops into a gusset on the entrance of the bag to close it. This way you can hold it in your hand or pass your hand through the handle onto your wrist and wear it like that.

I made a small version of the bag from polymer clay and attached it to the bag. I think that gives it a nice touch. So, another challenge met and enjoyed!

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