Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's Playtime!

Ironcraft's challenge for this time was to make a toy or to be inspired by a toy. I'm enrolled in a doll making class so I chose to make a doll. I kept thinking I had lots of time and couldn't make up my mind as to who my doll would be. Well, time does roll on and inspiration still had not come, until this week-end. I went to see a friend of mine dance. She is a wonderfully talented interpretive modern dancer and her show opened this past week-end. Her name is Lana Morton and she works in Ottawa, Ontario.
I loved the show and what stood out for me was how she used her hair as part of the choreography. She has this beautiful mane, lioness style and if that is at all possible, her hair danced along with her. It was amazing.
I decided to let her inspire my doll. I'm not professing that the doll looks like her but I experimented trying to add hair like hers. The doll, shamelessly named "Lana", sports a brownish-blond massive mane of hair, a red sweater and a crinoline white skirt, just like her namesake did on stage. I designed the doll and clothes by myself, no pattern.
I always like to think of what I learned during the Craft Iron Challenges and this time wasn't any different. I learned about shaping a doll so it will look like you want. This Lana is too small. Turning her inside out was difficult. I re-learned the lesson of not waiting until the last minute to tackle a new project. I wonder how many times I'll re-learn that lesson before it sinks in!
So, without further ado, I present to you, directly from my sewing machine, Miss Lana!