Wednesday, May 8, 2013

IronCraft Gets A Notion!

You guessed it, the challenge theme is notions. Now, my favorite notions of all time are buttons. I research them, read about their history, make them, collect them and for this challenge I used one in a project. For the Ironcraft challenges, I like creating things that I can use so I designed a Mother's Day card for my mother-in-law. I hope she likes it!
I used one of my own buttons, a peach faux Lucite round button. Cutting a pastel mauve card stock to size, I sewed a coordinating paper on the sides. Using embroidery floss that I braided to give it more substance I made a loop to close the card. The vintage image is from a stamp I had. I colored the image in coordinating mauve and turquoise and voila!
Now I always try to find a lesson in each challenge and this time is no different. The idea for the card came from a book called, "Button!, Button!" by Terry Taylor. She has many wonderful ideas to use the buttons up. She had another project that intrigued me as well. She called them shirt buttons cards. They are basically the old buttons cards my Mom use to buy when I was a child. My Mom showed me how to sew using them. I liked that because it meant she would let me play with them. I loved letting them run through my fingers like they were money. What inspired me though was the consistent look I could achieve with this type of display for my own buttons. I sew my buttons onto cards now but each one is of a different color and size. I think I'll design a card that would show off all my buttons in a consistent way, a branding of sorts. So, I'm off to get inspired some more and design my own signature card to display the buttons I make. Thank you IronCraft for these challenges, I'm learning so much!

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  1. That is a beautiful card. I think it is interesting you sew your buttons all on to cards. Do you do this just for a handy way to store them?