Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Singing in the Rain!

When the call came for this challenge, it was a beautiful sunny day. It had unseasonably hot for a few days. A challenge to create something about the rain was a challenge indeed. In my sweaty haze, I had forgotten all about the cold and the rain of a week ago and blissfully so. Alas, the weather is like our moods (or causes our moods?) and it changed. We are now in the grip of a cold front with rain and thunderstorms abound. Phew! Something to inspire me at last!
During my craft show this week-end, all the little girls were wearing these gorgeous rain boots. I saw alligators, bees, and strawberries adorning the feet of the cutest little people ever. I was so jealous that they don't make those for us, grown up folk. Then, inspiration struck! I decided if I couldn't wear those beautiful boots I could always make one to admire.
I had brought some clay to the show, sort of a "Watch the Artist Work" thing and I sculpted a boot. People stopped by, watching me. I consulted with the experts, the blue-eyed and brown-eyed beauties that would walk by my booth, and chose some colors I liked. After the boot was done, it seemed a bit bare (I only had enough clay for one boot) so I added a few flowers and some leaves.
So another challenge met and another lesson learned. Inspiration can come from the smallest packages whether it be a rain drop or a 4 year old girl.

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  1. Very cute! I'm amazed at the detail! I actually bought a cute pair of boots from Academy (I think they have an online store) this spring when my plain boring ones sprung a leak. They were only a dollar or two more expensive than the plain ones, and they make me so happy!