Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Use that needle!

The challenge for Ironcraft this time around was Needle work. I love that the interpretation of the theme is left wide open and up to our imagination. So I used the needle on my sewing machine and made a picnic blanket. I had one that was an old bedspread, just a huge thing but many years of use has rendered it to the threadbare rag pile. I also needed one that was a little waterproof because our summer has been so wet that the earth squishes under our feet when we walk on the grass.
A picnic blanket was the perfect thing to use this oilcloth I had bought.
The photo has the blanket half-way folded so you can see both sides. The oilcloth is red, white and black. The bold patterns are striking and a beautiful contrast to the flip side. I used some very thin blue jean material and machine quilted some designs in the cloth to stabilize the two pieces of fabric. I'm very new at this quilting stuff but I've got a sturdy, wet proof blanket to lay on the ground. I can stretch out on my blanket and guess at the shapes of the clouds without getting all damp. I love it.
Any quilting is a challenge in itself for me and I learn a little something every time I try my hand at it. The biggest challenge, however, is taking the time to stop the life-merry-go-round and stop long enough to make something new. It feels so good when I'm done! To know I have stolen those moments away from playing Mom-the taxi or Mom-the housemaid, so I can concentrate on making something beautiful, is sweet non-conformity. I'm such a rebel! lol

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  1. I know it is about finding the time to craft & create, isn't it?! We have a blanket like this with the waterproof side & it is so nice to keep out the damp.