Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Bowl a Week for a Year!

It's time to present this year's artistic focus. I present you with bowls! Yes, those, most often, round items that you hold things with. I have pledged to create 1 bowl every week in 2014. Now, why bowls? Well, it started with a Lark 500 series book called 500 Bowls. I just love that series of books, I collect them all and have quite a good collection up to now. The bowls book came in my Christmas book box, the one I choose and buy for myself. This is a yearly tradition for me and it's my favorite present of all, from me to me!
So, while looking through this book, I was in awe of course, but I started seeing patterns in shape. To me, bowls resemble the female form in a big way. Then from there it didn't take much for my polymer clayier mind to jump to: "Hey, maybe I can make these in clay!" Needing a different focus to nourish my creative spirit I chose to try to make bowls and to see where it would lead. To give even further impetus I vowed to myself to make one a week for the year.
I have to admit that I am having way more fun than I should at this. Life outside my studio walls is a distraction from my "bowl time". Winter has been a wonderful culprit to keep me at home and creating. All that snow and ice is forcing me to stay home. I willingly defer to higher powers. Hi, hi!
In the photo below is one of my bowls, called Balance Bowl. He is named such because of something I discovered after he was baked and all done. I added feet to the bottom and when you turn him around on a table, depending on where the feet lie, he doesn't always balance. You have to put him in the right spot for him to stand flat. Now, I could have taken this as a sign of a fault in design or execution and of course it is. But I choose to interpret it as a life balance issue. I think that in life, we need to balance things just right to be able to stand upright, a little of this, a little further there and we are good to go. Of course that balance is fragile and can be upset easily. My bowl is a gentle reminder of that philosophy.


  1. Wonderful! I love this challenge you've set for yourself, and love this piece! I especially love all the raw edges and the center layer that looks sponge-like! Looking forward to seeing all your bowls. I hope at the end of your year you do a photo montage of them all together so we can see the progression!

    1. Thank you Beth! That is a wonderful idea about the montage! And yes, the sponge-like center turned out quite cool! That is definitely part of the attraction for me. So far my construction method has brought me to make the bowls in layers and having each layer be an integral part of the design is fun and usually a surprise by the time I'm done. lol