Sunday, August 25, 2013

Paper Bag Princess

The PCAGOE Challenge this month is "Inspired by a story or a book". One of my all time favorite children's books is The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. I read it for the first time as an adult but as a woman it is, in my eyes, a very important book for both little girls and boys to read. Our heroine, Elizabeth, is to marry Ronald, the beautiful prince. A dragon comes along and I'll let you experience the joy of the story on your own.
For the challenge I created my vision of Elizabeth as she returns to save Ronald and once you read the story you'll see why she's so dirty.


  1. Okay going to check out the story now! Thanks for sharing! I love your Paper Bag Princess, was very happy to see her in the challenge this month. :)

  2. Line, you would make a great "claymation" artist for book illustrations!