Monday, March 24, 2014

Contained Within my Heart!

This month's PCAGOE Challenge is all about containers. The interpretation of this theme is varied. We debated if it should have a lid or not. Opting to allow for artistic license, we left it up to the individual to decide. I do not make lids very often in my bowls because, well, I guess it just never crossed my mind. This time though I decided to add a lid and to make the lid the focus. Now, I had a worthy challenge for sure.
My armature were glass votive. One was dedicated to the bottom and the other to the top, the lid. I love the cinnabar look of antique Chinese bowls and decorations so using my own artistic license (which I keep on me at all times) I created my own version of the rich red stone. I called it the "Chinese Love Bowl" for the 2 red fish swimming together on the top. The bottom part is textured and has a lip to hold the top portion snug in place. I accented the top pieces with silver paste and the inside with silver embossing powder. I think it turned out very well.


  1. Line this is wonderful! I love the shape of it. Did you hand sculpt all the ornament? Beautifully done!

  2. Thank you Beth! I used a votive candle for the shape. The ornamentation started out as molds that have been "Linified". lol