Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ironcraft Gets an A!

This challenge called for being inspired by the letter A. Wow! What a concept! I didn't know what to make of that one at first. It could be anything we could relate to the letter A, a technique, an item, whatever. I chose to make an art doll. Her name is Anne inspired by a little girl I know by that name. She is a wonderful child growing into a beautiful young woman. Now, the art dolls I've studied are intricate works of art that transcend the human form to become an interpretation of the artists who make them. I don't profess to create such works but I do aspire to do just that some day. But, you have to start somewhere and Anne is my humble beginnings. I found this neat stamp of a young girl's silhouette and using fabric paint, I stamped the image on this sheer drapery fabric. Experimenting with paints and fusing I dressed her in her favorite colors and clothes. Anne is mostly always a jeans kind of girl! I free-motioned her glasses and some of the clothes. Added hair using some brown wool. The back is the same stamp that I painted to look like the back of her body.
I presented the doll to Anne and asked her what she saw and she immediately saw herself.
As in all challenges, I ask myself what I have learned. I learned a bit more how paint reacts on fabric, how it will bleed on some and not on others. I learned how to clean up the bleeding and the wonders of Gesso. I practiced more free-motion explorations. The experts say that the way to mastery of that technique is practice, well, I'm a little more knowledgeable now. I have also redefined the term art doll, at least for me. I have visions of dozens of such dolls all standing in a row and seen in that context, then yes, they are art dolls. I already have my next subject in mind.  With practice, I will move away from the stamp and draw my own body and head on the fabric. That is also part of my vision of the future. And remembering that I won't buy any fabric for these projects this year, I can get even more creative using the material I have on hand. The doll is very zen like to make, kind of like paper dolls were when I was young. For brief moments, I am just a little girl with my paints and my canvas. I like that!


  1. I love the idea of an adult paper doll type project. I used to love creating them as a child.

    1. I was always good at those dolls, although I remember getting frustrated at the little tabs that you'd fold back to keep the clothes on the dolls. Then my Mom thought of adding scotch tape to the tabs and they didn't rip quite so fast that way!